Apple to update iPhone 12 in France over radiation

Apple to update iPhone 12 in France over radiation


In an era dominated by smartphones and mobile technology, concerns over radiation emissions from these devices have become increasingly important. Addressing these concerns, Apple has recently taken a proactive step in France by announcing updates to its iPhone 12 lineup to mitigate potential radiation risks. This move demonstrates the tech giant’s unwavering commitment to user safety and aligns with France’s stringent regulations on mobile device radiation emissions.

The Concerns Over Radiation

Radiation emitted from smartphones, including electromagnetic radiation, has been a topic of concern for years. While there is still debate about the potential long-term health effects, governments and regulatory bodies worldwide have established limits and guidelines to ensure the safety of users.

France has been particularly vigilant in regulating radiation emissions from mobile devices. In 2019, the French government set stringent limits on the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), which measures the amount of radiation absorbed by the human body while using a mobile device. This marked a significant step toward ensuring the safety of smartphone users in the country.

Apple’s Response to French Regulations

Apple, a company known for its emphasis on user privacy and safety, has always been proactive in adhering to regional regulations and exceeding industry standards. In response to France’s strict SAR limits, Apple has decided to update its iPhone 12 lineup to ensure compliance.

The iPhone 12 series was launched in 2020 and quickly became a popular choice among consumers worldwide. However, to meet France’s SAR standards, Apple is taking several measures:

  1. Software Updates: Apple will release a software update for iPhone 12 users in France that will help reduce radiation emissions without compromising the phone’s functionality or performance.
  2. Enhanced Hardware Design: Apple engineers have worked on modifying the internal components of the iPhone 12 to minimize radiation emissions while maintaining the high-quality user experience that customers expect.
  3. Collaboration with Regulatory Authorities: Apple has collaborated closely with French regulatory authorities to ensure that the updated iPhone 12 models meet or exceed the SAR limits.
  4. Public Awareness: Apple is committed to educating its customers about radiation safety and the steps it takes to address these concerns. The company is providing information through its official channels to raise awareness about safe smartphone usage.

A Win for User Safety

Apple’s decision to update the iPhone 12 lineup in France demonstrates its commitment to user safety and adherence to local regulations. By taking these steps, Apple is not only ensuring that its products comply with French standards but also setting a positive example for the entire industry.

This move also highlights the importance of governmental regulations in protecting consumers. France’s strict limits on SAR have prompted a major tech company to make substantial changes to one of its flagship products, ultimately benefiting the health and well-being of iPhone users in the country.


Apple’s decision to update the iPhone 12 in France over radiation concerns is a significant step forward in ensuring the safety of smartphone users. It showcases the tech giant’s dedication to adhering to local regulations and its ongoing commitment to user well-being. As the smartphone industry continues to evolve, Apple’s proactive approach serves as a reminder that consumer safety should always be a top priority.